Animals Indigenous to the Ryukyu Islands

Having a chance to see rare animals indigenous to the Ryukyu Islands is something special about the Okinawa Zoo & Museum. Enjoy observing various local animals such as Yakushima macaques and Ryukyu Dogs.

Animals from around the world and mainland Japan

There are approximately 200 species of animals at Okinawa Zoo & Museum including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and insects. Observing these various animals up-close helps you understand the preciousness of life at this zoo.

See and Touch

At the Fureai Square, you can actually pet animals such as guinea pigs and chicks.

Wild migratory birds and insects

Being in a subtropical climate, you can see many seasonal flowers and plants at this park. This abundant nature attracts wild birds, small creatures (insects and amphibians), and even migratory birds that visit every year.

This is a list of animals kept in Okinawa Zoo & Museum.

※Please contact us for the latest information.
※This table is a list of animals in captivity, some of which are not on display. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Check out the animals

Every day, our zookeepers keep records and share the lives of animals on the internet via blogs and video clips. You can view the unique animal behavior that only zookeepers can share.