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Wonder Museum

Learning and creativity start with surprise

This museum is the first and only one in Okinawa targeted at children, where they can find surprises and answers to their own questions. This facility is created under the concept of “learning and creativity start with surprise” and helps bring out children’s potential.

Learn by actually doing

You can actually touch and interact with this exhibition and you can participate in workshops, both of which stimulate children’s learning motivation and sensitivity.

Kizuki Forest1F

Find the wonder in your surroundings!

  • A, I, U, E, ON

    When you blow air into this tube, you can hear an “A, E, I, O, U” sound!

  • Iroiro Mirrors

    Look into this mirror and see something strange!

  • Funny Microphone

    Talk into this microphone and hear an unusual voice!

  • Slit Animation

    Move the zebra board to see moving pictures!

  • Dokidoki Rhythm

    Listen to the rhythm of your heart!

  • Motion Capture

    Have a unique experience; you can be inside of the video!

  • Wonder Vision

    Experience 3D visuals through the cubic monitor.

Ball CircusB1F

Enjoy different ball activities!

  • Air Shoot

    Make a hoop by controlling the wind.

  • Parabola Goal

    The parabola-shaped bowl collects all the balls!

  • Ball Climber

    Control the ball to complete the game!

  • Ball Lifter
    Ball Coaster

    Make an interesting course for the ball to roll around!

Sozo StudioB2F

Use your body to move the images on the screen, and use your imagination to draw pictures with different colors and shapes!
Feel the wonder of the earth and think about the future!

  • Do-Re-Mi Stairs

    Walk up the stairs to make a sound!
    *If it’s crowded, this facility may not be available for all customers.

  • Fluffy Shiny

    This is a chair that lights up when you sit on it.

  • Cloud Ring

    Try making a circle with smoke. Can you do it?

  • Kage-e Shadow Picture

    Shadow animals start moving!

  • Air Tornado

    You can touch this tornado or watch it up close!

  • Light Canvas

    You can draw a picture with lights!

  • Coloring Table

    Make something with different colors and shadows!

  • Touching Globe

    Touch the earth and move it around. Learn about the earth!

Nigiwai PlazaB1F and Special Exhibition Space

Discover your senses, solve challenges by touching and building things, and more!

  • Count to 10
    Exactly 1 meter
    Pile up 1 kg

    Is your sense of measuring accurate? Aim to be exact!

  • Sound

    You can have an interesting experience with sound and without sound!

  • Pinhole

    When you look through this hole, everything appears upside down.

  • Rope Wave

    Watch the mysterious rope where the shape of waves changes!

  • Window of Hidden Pictures

    When you look out of the secret window, colorful pictures appear!

  • Square Wheel

    Even though it’s square-shaped, it rolls smoothly.

  • Cogwheel Puzzle

    Match the correct cogs to rotate the wheels. Can you do it?

  • Speed Tap Challenge

    Become a champion by tapping as fast as you can!

Light GalleryB1F: Special Exhibition Space

Colors change? Pictures look different?
Ways of moving change? Discover the wonders of light!

  • Chameleon Balls

    A strange experience where you cannot tell the color anymore!

  • Color Trick

    Colors keep changing – a fantastic experience!

  • Slot Machine

    Spin to find a surprise!

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Wonder Museum Magazine

The Wonder Museum Magazine is a monthly publication. It introduces events and workshops for that month.