Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. Collecting personal information

  • When Okinawa Zoo & Museum collects personal information, it is provided (registered) by customers with their consent.
  • When personal information is collected, the purpose will be stated.
  • Personal information is collected in order to complete the stated purpose.

2. Using personal information

  • Personal information provided (registered) by customers will be used in order to complete the stated purpose.
  • We do not use or share customers’ personal information outside the foundation for purposes other than those stated, except for situations stipulated by the Okinawa City privacy protection ordinance.

3. Managing and sharing personal information

  • Personal information gathered by the management (*1) will be securely protected, and the management party will take appropriate measures to prevent leaking, misusing, or tampering with the information.
  • If we are requested to share personal information with the person him/herself, we will accommodate the request by sharing or agreeing to change information for whatever the reason may be, within reason (*2).

4. Duty to cooperate

We will do our best to inform related organizations or businesses of our privacy policy in order to protect our customers’ privacy.

(*1) The management will be responsible for control of information.
(*2) “Within reason” refers to common-sense social purposes as well as reasonable requests for sensible reasons. We do not accept untruthful changes to personal information. However, if the request to change personal information is due to a situation such as avoidance of domestic violence, the foundation will handle each case appropriately with the approval of the steering committee.