Okinawa Zoo & Museum diary

Children’s Center

Animal Feeding and Care Team ~ Growth Record

Good afternoon, everyone. I'm Ki-Yo, a member of the Suttaf team, the "Feed the Animals" team.
It's getting cold again today (@@; but! The vegetables in the field are growing vigorously~

Ta-da! I saw a little carrot from the soil! Hooray!
I'm a little nervous about it because it's purple in color, and my thumbs are thicker than mine because I'm growing it in a way that's closer to natural farming.
But it's nice to feel that they're growing up.
I'll dig it out and report back to you on how long it's been growing!
And now...

There are more fruits on the native soybeans (Ohi Goo), and
Here are two shots of the Chinese cabbage that grew up even though it wasn't planted (laughs)
I wonder if there are any animals that eat calabash. I'll ask the keepers next time.
Please keep your answers guessing, everyone!
And finally...

The kudzu turmeric sprouts were coming out. When I replanted the planting, I found that several of the roots had broken off.
I said, "Good luck with that!" and buried it.
The life force of plants is amazing~.
By the way, this is the one that Mr. Yosshi, the senior of the field, planted, but it is not turmeric but kuzu-ukon.
It seems to be a kind of The scent is turmeric, so if you're wondering about it, go to the Sesshuragi Zone after it reopens.
Please look at it up close when you pass by.(^^)

Today, I couldn't get to the work of plowing the rice paddy while removing algae (;;).
It'll be Friday! I'll do my best!

The cold weather seems to last a bit longer. We hope you are all staying warm.