Children’s Center

The Children’s Center is a free-to-use facility established to help support children’s growth. The Okinawa Zoo & Museum is doing its best to be the organization that connects with customers by planning volunteer programs and activities, and developing educational programs. If you love animals, want to know more about them, and would like to learn how to connect with children, why not join us? Please ask us for further information.

2nd Floor of the Children’s Center

  • Children’s Center Hall (where there are volunteer group workshops and seminars for teachers’ license renewal).

1st Floor of the Children’s Center

  • Volunteer Office
  • Children’s Center Gallery (a place where photo exhibitions and special exhibitions are held).
  • Picture Book Land (you can read many publications here, including big picture books, and animal- and Okinawa-themed picture books and publications).
  • Okinawa Prefecture Regional Environment Center
  • Restaurant UMIZOKUKOBO

B1 Floor of the Children’s Center

  • Okinawa Zoo & Museum Office

Okinawa Zoo & Museum Volunteering

If you love animals, want to find out more about them, want to spread the word about your favorite ones, and want to learn how to connect with children, please join our volunteer program.

  • We accept group volunteer applications (more than five in the group)
    Volunteer activity program: cleaning/beautification activities, preparing animal feed, preparing props and materials for workshops, stream area cleanup, mowing the grass, and more.

***Long-term volunteer***
This program is available for those who would like to participate in the volunteer program for more than one year.

Volunteering at the Zoo

This program is to promote knowledge about animals. Through this program, you will be giving support to customers by showing them how to hold and feed animals at the Fureai-en and Umanchu-hiroba.
Activity schedule: we'll coordinate according to your wishes.

Wonder Museum Support

This program is to help and support customers at the Wonder Museum, such as showing how to play in the facility, facilitating children playing and working together, overseeing customers' activities, and helping secure the safety of customers. You can also prepare props and materials for workshops and other programs.
Activity schedule: we'll coordinate according to your wishes.

Children' s Workshop Using Materials from the Park

This program is to prepare for workshops and events using materials (wool, feces of herbivorous animals, footprints, indigo plants, textile screw pine tree leaves, and so on) collected inside the park facility. This program also helps research usage of these materials for workshops. The materials you prepare will be used during events or programs. If you wish, you can also volunteer on the day of the events so that you can actually see materials you prepare being used, which helps you plan for the next volunteer activity.
Activity schedule: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm on the second Wednesday and fourth Saturday of the month

Workshop Preparation Volunteer

This program is to help customers have fun during handicraft workshops. The main activity is to prepare for handicraft workshops inside the Wonder Museum.
Activity schedule: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm every Wednesday
*Other times and dates will be available upon request.

***Short-term volunteer***
The activities and programs below are already scheduled. If you want to participate several times in the long-term volunteer program, such as "Volunteering at the Zoo," please inquire at the office.

Animal Feed Preparation Members

This is a program to prepare the animals' food, and actually give the food to the animals. You will be growing Okinawan native crops as rice and plants in the biotope area inside the stream area, and giving them to the animals.
Membership period
1st term: March 1 to 31, 2020
2nd term: September 1 to 27, 2020
*When the number reaches the target, admission will be closed.

Activity schedule
1st term: April to September, 2020
2nd term: October, 2020 to March, 2021
From 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on the second Saturday of the month. *Schedule may change Capacity
Parents and children: 30 people
Target members
People who can follow instructions and work with others in the group.
350 Yen (optional)

Creature Investigation Members

This program involves working with a specialist to find nature in the surrounding area and promote it. You will go and research plants and animals inside the park and make a sample book or reference book. At the end of the program, we will host a nature observation event to promote creatures among other customers.
Activity schedule
1st term: April to September, 2020
2nd term: October, 2020 to March, 2021
10:00 am -12:00 pm every weekend
Capacity: 20
Target members: Fourth graders and up, and those who are interested in creatures.
Insurance: 350 Yen (optional)

Event Support Members

This program is to learn about animals and Okinawa, and help other guests as a guide or with handicraft workshops. Take a seminar and help customers make crafts or guide them around the park to promote the park among the Okinawa Zoo & Museum staff members.
Activity schedule
"Bat Night" Saturday, August 29, 2020 (seminar schedule: June 21, and July 19)
"Furusato-en Festival" (tentative title) Sunday, November 8, 2020 (seminar schedule: September 26 and October 25)
*Other events include a Japanese indigo dye workshop, Art with Zoo: Cat Event volunteering, and others.
Capacity: dependent on events
Target participants: 5th graders to adults

Program using Okinawa Zoo & Museum

We have programs to learn about the history, culture, nature, and animals of Okinawa for large groups of guests. To participate in this program, you need to apply beforehand. Please visit the link for more information.
*Zoo and Museum Group Program